Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Order -

Payment Policy
When order has been placed, you are agreeing to our TERMS&CONDITION (please read Terms&condition before purchasing) - if you haven't so.
You are to pay in full by the 5th day of placing your pre-order lens. Failure to do so will automatically be cancelled. PLEASE BE SERIOUS when placing an order as we do not want to have to cancel it by violations of our terms&condition.
Acceptable form of payments:
(paypal user must pay paypal fee 5%)
Money Order
(we are not responsible for any loss payments through mailing process)
send at your own risk
and for local residents of Fresno, CA : you may pay with CASH
the cost of shipping will start at $3 and any item after the first item will be .50
there will be an additional cost to track your package(this is only an option)
Official PayPal Seal
  • View our available pre-order circle lens
  • Fill out our order form
Name :
Contact No. :
Email :
Shipping Address :
Date of Payment :
Name of Lens & Code No. :
Quantity (Pairs) :
  • Email your order form to us at
  • PLEASE REMEMBER TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER FORM (we will not be held responsible for your mistakes - basically NO REFUND for your own mistakes)
  • We will then send you an invoice for your confirmation after payment has been cleared
  • Please confirm your order

KEEP IN MIND THAT IN ORDER FOR US TO SHIP YOUR LENS TO YOU WE MUST MEET OUR (25 PAIR) REQUIREMENT. There will be a delay if we do not meet or 25 lens. This will take approximately 3-4 weeks so please be patience with us.

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Circle lenses are cosmetic color lenses that contains a black ring on the outer edge of the iris,(the difference from the regular contact lenses you would usually get at a optician's office) it is made to enhance one's eyes for a bigger, bolder, doll-like look. Circle lenses are a big hit in Asia where a lot of well known celebrities and ganguro's are sporting it. And now, they've become very popular in the U.S.

Ordering Process: Because we order in batches(25), there will be a 3-4weeks or longer of wait time until the lenses reach you. I ask that you would please be patient as we are trying our best to get them to you as soon as we can. If you are not able to wait, please do not purchase.